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At Mongold Homes, we take pride in building a beautiful, quality home and making sure that our customers are satisfied with their investment. We wouldn't still be here after 40+ years if we didn't!


What People Are Saying

" Mongold Homes built our custom home last year. The house was completed within the time frame discussed even though we made changes along the way that could have potentially pushed the schedule back. Adam always kept us informed about project schedule, and Charity helped to keep us on track with our budget. We had an excellent experience and love our new home. We highly recommend Mongold if you are building a new home. "

- Steven, Henryville

"First time buying a new construction home and the builder did an awesome job at making it unique and beautiful."

- Ben, Tanner Estatesr

"I bought my Mongold house in late 2007. I loved it then and I love it now. I appreciate the way they build a quality house, pay attention to detail and add extra features. It has a decorators feel with color and design. It also has been helpful to have the list of sub-contractors that worked on the house and a list of paints and products used. They don't leave you at closing. They are there for any further questions or needs regarding the house. I have been able to rely on them for recommendations for reliable companies to do additional improvements. They are a first class company. I'm proud of my home."

- Carol, Crestwood Manor

"We purchased a new home from mongold in June of 2005.Our home is located in tanner estates, in sellersburg, indiana. We love the location in tanner estates. Easy access to all major roads and has a country atmosphere. Our home is built beautifully and has all the latest features that you could want. We have lived there for 5 plus years, and have watched the new development expand to a very lovely subdivision. All the homes are different, not like so many subdivisions where the homes all look alike. We have had minimun issues since we moved in, and any time we have called mongold, without fail, they have responded and took care of any problems we may have had. WE would highly recommend a mongold home, where ever it is built in the area, they are great people to do business with!"

- Frank and Ellen, Tanner Estates

"What does Mongold Builders mean to me ... quality and great workmanship. I am proud to say I live in a Mongold Home. And ten years later, I can testify that Mongold Builders stand behind what they build."

- Robin, Eagle Ridge

"Just wanted to let you know we love living in Tanner Estate! We love the home and the quality of the building. Anytime we have a problem you are all over it. It is such a nice and safe neighborhood for us and our daughter. The homes are just beautiful!"

- Scott and Carla Tanner Estates

"I want to let you know how happy my family is living in our home built by Mongold Construction. This is actually the second Mongold home we have owned. We chose Mongold Construction because Charity and John both took the time to address all of our concerns and make sure we were comfortable with our purchase decision. We love the home plans that Mongold Construction offers. They are very up-to-date in both design and finish. Our guests marvel at the upgraded interior trim packages and open floor plans. You just donít find this level of detail, at this price, with other builders."

- Bob, Wolf Lake


Whether people are conscious of it or not, they actually derive countenance and sustenance from the 'atmosphere' of the things they live in or with...Surrounded by mediocrity, we have forgotten the healing and restorative power of beauty and comfort

-Frank Lloyd Wright


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What People Are Saying
"What does Mongold Builders mean to me ... quality and great workmanship. I am proud to say I live in a Mongold Home" - View More >>